Hammer-Schlagen™ by Stump'd Co.

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What It's All About...

Hammer-Schlagen™ Rules

We are the only authorized retailer selling Hammer-Schlagen™ kits that can only be used for non-commercial purposes. Click link below for official rules.

Hammer-Schlagen™ Rules

Our Hammer-Schlagen™ kits are for non-commercial use only.

The Hammerschlagen Stump is a registered trademark of WRB, Inc. U.S. Pat. & TM Off. #5,548,112

Made in America

We partnered with a local engineering company that helped us with the design. From there we have found local manufactures to get the job done. All wood is locally milled and kiln dried to nationwide standards.

About Us.

A couple good friends playing a backyard game having the time of our life had the bright idea of making this game portable. Turned out there were trademarks owned by someone else offering Hammer-Schlagen™ as a service. We asked for a licensing deal and they were kind enough to agree. A year and half later you find us today.